Bedfellows is a Python library that uses Federal Election Commission data of political action committee contributions to other committees to calculate seven scores measuring the length and breadth of the relationship between donors and recipients. It also provides a way to see similar donors, recipients or pairs. It is intended as reporting tool for journalists and researchers interested in federal campaign finance data. Bedfellows is a command-line tool, and requires a local or remote MySQL database (it defaults to local, but users can change the connection string in It also requires three tables from the FEC: candidates, committees and the committee-to-committee transaction file. These files should match the layouts from the FEC with the exception of an additional cycle field that users need to add. Bedfellows expects these tables to be named fec_candidates, fec_committees and fec_committee_contributions. When computing the scores, Bedfellows will create a number of tables in the database; most of them are not large. In addition to the expected database tables, Bedfellows comes with several files listing campaign contribution limits, score weights and super PACs (which are excluded from the analysis since they do not make contributions to candidates). Of these, the list of super PACs may need to be updated depending on when the library is used.FreeYesViewResearchData Source / Data DiscoveryWindowsOS XLinuxNikolas IubelDerek WillisNew York Times08/12/2015