Investigative Dashboard

Investigative Dashboard helps investigators expose illicit ties that cross borders. Search for a company or person of interest - We have scraped national business records from Panama, Luxembourg, Switzerland and many other countries. If you need more data, visit recommended databases - We have assembled a directory of over 300 local databases that might help. If you need help, request expert assistance - We understand investigations are sensitive and we take privacy very seriously. Requests are only seen by our full-time experts and, if you are willing, by vetted volunteers. The platform hosts three core tools: a crowd-sourced database of information and documents on persons of interest and their business connections, a worldwide list of online databases and business registries, and a research desk where journalists can go for help in sourcing hard to find information. With help from dozens of reporters and civic hackers, ID researchers have created the crowd-sourced database where connections of people and business can be mapped internationally. Through collecting public records worldwide in numerous languages and by scraping the business registries and official gazettes of countries such as Panama, British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg among others we have made data searchable and hence truly transparent and useful. These resources are offered to the public as a searchable self-serve repository of data and documents. The Investigative Dashboard also links to more than 400 online databases in 120 jurisdictions where you can search for information on persons and businesses of interest.FreeResearchData Source / Data DiscoveryBrowser-Based AppOrganized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)07/09/2015