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This is a collection of simple tools for extracting data from the YouTube platform via the YouTube API v3. 1. Channel Info: This module retrieves different kinds of information for a channel from a specified channel id. 2. Channel Network: This module crawls a network of channels connected via the "featured channels" (and via subscriptions) tab from a list of seeds. Seeds can be channels retrieved from a search or via manual input of channel ids. 3. Video List: This module creates a list of video infos and statistics from one of four sources: the videos uploaded to a specified channel, a playlist, the videos retrieved by a particular search query, or the videos specified by a list of ids. 4.Video Network: This module creates a network of relations between videos via YouTube's "related videos" feature, starting from a search or a list of video ids. 5. Video Info and Comments: This module starts from a video id and retrieves basic info for the video in question and provides a number of analyses of the comment section.